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Millvale Mural

This colorful welcoming image that greets visitors as they head up Grant Street in Millvale helps to showcase the impact and connection that art can have within a community.

After reading the story by Abby Mackey,"'Artspiration' is the next rung in Sharpsburg's artistic ascent", from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, published on October 9, 2022, Millvale business owner, John Campbell, reached out to Artspiration looking to get help with with an idea for a mural on the side of one of his multi-use buildings.

Artspiration helped connect Mr. Campbell with muralists Shane Pilster and Max "GEMS" Gonzalez. After working with Pilster and Gonzalez on another mural project in Sharpsburg, Artspiration thought that the duo would be the perfect fit for Campell's proposal.

The finished mural which depicts a large tree displaying the word Millvale as a welcoming banner to the borough was brought to life through funding from Artspiration and Rivers of Steel, the words of Abby Mackey, the vision of a Millvale business owner, the talents of two artists, and a strong community connection to the arts. Look for this piece of public art the next time you drive up Grant Ave, and see if you can spot all the details – the sun, the moon, and a family of raccoons.


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